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Hey guys! Long time no... post? I apologize for the gap, but things have been crazy in every way possible.

Firstly, I have been figuring out the most anticipated event of the year... PROM. I cannot wait to show you guys what I styled for inarguably one of the most important nights of our high school career. Is that being dramatic?

On top of that, the stress of graduations, birthdays and finals have really been getting to me- but nothing I can't handle. #GirlBoss

On the other hand, no matter how crazy things get, I will never stop caring about what I am wearing. Hey, that rhymed didn't it.

photo by: Yolanda Perez Photography

photo by: Yolanda Perez Photography

And, no matter how crazy things get, I will always make time to blog- even if it's about how crazy things get.

Today, I'm gonna share with you this look featuring my fresh new pair of ah-maaazing Adidas from CrystahhledDesigns. Yup- they've done it again. And they truly never disappoint.

If you're like me and like the whole "sporty-chic" vibe, there is no better combination than these adidas. In case you didn't know, these geniuses customize just about any sneaker to make it stand out in the best way possible. And they really work for any occasion.

Movies? CrystahhledDesigns

Amusement Park? CrystahhledDesigns

Your own wedding? Honestly... CrystahhledDesigns.

Don't forget to use the code COSETTE for a banging 20% off your purchase. Now THAT'S a steal.

*cue angelic music*

ANYWAYS- now back to the rest of my look (which is nothing without the sneakers but I guess we'll carry on because this is the style section- isn't it?).

My blue and white polka dot skirt is from Abercrombie, this gray tank is from Zara and my famous black leather jacket is from the one and only- Steve Madden. 

I just picked up these awesome glasses at H&M, and I'm really starting to up my sunglasses game for this summer. Let's see how that works out!