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West Palm Beach

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Last Wednesday, I sat home drowning in homework feeling like I wouldn't be able to get through the week. The next day, I found myself tanning in West Palm Beach, Florida, without a worry in the world.Β 

Now- I'm not saying the best way to deal with your problems is to get on a plane and fly away from them, but a break once in a while is healthy.

photo by: Yolanda Perez Photography

photo by: Yolanda Perez Photography

Being that I rushed out of NYC and packed my suitcase in a hurry, I had to do some shopping when I got down to West Palm. First stop? H&M! 

Staying right across the street from the renowned CityPlace assured me that I would never be bored.  I went over every day and did some exploring- starting with retail.

First, I hit H&M's Coachella line and got this denim embroidered skirt. I've secretly been eyeballing it for weeks in NYC and finally convinced myself because after all- you only live once. I paired it with this $5 black cropped tank in the basics section because you don't need a crazy top when the skirt steals the showπŸ€—. And finally, you can never have too many sunglasses so when I ran into these reflective glasses, I knew they should to be a part of my collection. 

Later that day I headed over to Sunfest and saw amazing performances by Macklemore and Flo Rida, it was pretty amazing. Β 

Can vacationing be a job? Let me know because I will gladly accept!Β