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Interview with Wayfair

Cosette Rinab1 Comment

A little while back, I was scrolling through the bottomless pit of the Internet looking for inspiration for my dorm room next year. The only thing more exciting than going to college for me is decorating my dorm room. Naturally, I ended up on Wayfair, undeniably the best source for furniture like... ever.

The next day, I rolled out of bed and refreshed my email as usual. The first thing sitting at the top of my inbox? An email from Wayfair. My first thought was "I must have left products in my cart and they are following up". But no. It was actually Wayfair asking me for an interview. So, I hopped on it.

Flashforward, if you want to hear my two cents on all things sheets and bed style, this is definitely an article you need to check out. However, not only will you hear my opinions, but also the opinions of nine other LOVELY bloggers that I am very lucky to be along side. Click HERE to check it out!