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Hi guys! Yep- you guessed it. I've been posting a lot on the gram about prom, but haven't gotten the chance to share the details with you guys. Well, here I am!

This past Friday, I had the opportunity to accompany my wonderful friend to his prom and live out my much anticipated prom styling dream. Here are the details.

Just imagine this- there I was- already an hour late to pre-prom- running through the cracked concrete in a pair of Gianvito Rossi when my mom and I suddenly stumble along a red wall. What are the odds? God, I love Manhattan.

My flowy red dress that I love oh-so-much was custom-made and inspired by the dress "Grace of Monaco" by Gucci that Blake Lively slayed in on the red-carpet back in 2014 which proves- fashion is timeless. Except for JNCO jeans. Please don't bring those back.

Blake wins. But then again- when does she not?

Inspired by a Pintrest photo I came across, I knew I wanted to try out a braided up-do. I was half- excited, half- nervous my hair was too short. Well, Nancy at Z Hair really worked her magic that day.

photos by: Yolanda Perez Photography

photos by: Yolanda Perez Photography

photo by: Yolanda Perez Photography

photo by: Yolanda Perez Photography

As for my accessories, I wore a black quilted Chanel bag and a black pearled Chanel bracelet cuff. I threw on some pearl earrings to match the cuff and all gold rings because mixing silver and gold is a no-go.

Since prom season is so expensive, I asked my best friend to help me with my makeup look and it was honestly better than any other place could have done it- so don't dismiss the idea of doing your own makeup! Thank you Morgan!

While I wish they were my own, I have to thank my fashion-mentor DINA for the shoes and cuff! You are amazinggg!!!

So happy with the way everything came together and especially thankful I was comfortable to dance all night. 

Is your prom coming up? Leave a comment below!

Until next time!