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Dry Shampoo & Coffee

Cosette RinabComment

The two mysteries of life: Dry Shampoo & Coffee.

If you asked me what two things I would take with me if I were ever to be stuck on an island, there's my answer.

Somehow, Tees and Tank You is always able to read my mind. I mean, seriously. They could not be more on point.

photo by: Yolanda Perez Photography

photo by: Yolanda Perez Photography

Also- what is my luck in just stumbling upon a flower wall in the middle of Queens? What is this- LA? Just sayin'.

I'm wearing my TATY top with a ripped denim skirt from LF. As you can tell, I am a very happy camper. I love the color of this top (my favorite color is pink, in case you haven't figured that out yet), and the material makes me want to never take it off. Also, what's better than wearing clothes that you can really relate to?!

Head over to Tees and Tank You's website because they just stocked some of the best new designs. 

You a sloth lover? Click here.

You an introvert? Look no more.

Waffle lover? Yes, they even have that.

I hope I've proved my point that they have everything. Whiiiiich is why Tees and Tank You is most definitely my favorite store right now. 

They also have 20% off orders over $50 right now, free shipping, and everything else that's good in life. Soooo what are you waiting for?